La Doge de Papel

La Doge de Papel

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La Doge de Papel
  • Live NOW!
  • Live NOW!

La Doge de Papel Contract Address:

0x2ca70261dfbb019dcbb6e22c9c114cf8827ce2ef – Copy


50% of the 200 Billion LDDPs will be burnt right after we get listed on an exchange and only 100 Billion LDDPs will remain.

  • total supply, 
  • 50% will be burn, 
  • 30% will be supplied to exchanges, 
  • 2.5% allocated for pre-sale
  • 12.5% marketing
  • 5% belongs to our CEO Woof Woof (1 year lock)


La Doge de Papel aims to create funding for a new Netflix original anime series with doge dogs as the main characters. The project also aims to create high-value NFTs based upon characters on La Doge de Papel original series. Investors will be able to take part in mystery boxes that’ll reward with unique items.

This project is led by our CEO – Doge de Papel. 

From our ceo’s office.

Woof woof woooooooof to the moon – Doge de Papel


Who Am I?

I’m the CEO of Doge de Papel. There it is, me. Wooof Woooooooof to the moon!

What is La Doge de Papel?

La Doge de Papel (LDDP) aims to be an animated show on Netflix. Similar to La Casa De Papel but it’ll involve our Doge de Papel characters. Plus, there will be LDDP NFTs based on the characters on our show.

Pre-sale, why and how?

Yes, we want our early investors to get their LDDPs with an opportunistic price.

Will there be an airdrop?

Of course there will be an airdrop! Make sure you follow us on Twitter. There might be some woofdrops.

Exchanges that i’ll be listed on?

I already secured early deals with exchanges. Bibox and P2PB2B are amongst them. Once the pre-sale is done, WOOOOOOOF to the moon.